Project within the Assembly Scheme exhibition at the M17 CAC, Kyiv, Ukraine



About the Exhibition

Arrhythmia (20.02.24-03.03.24) as part of Assembly Scheme exhibition at the M17 Contemporary Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Exhibition by Nikita Vlasov

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    Arrhythmia (Greek: ἀρρυθμία – “inconsistency, incoherence”, from Greek: ἄρρυθμος – ἀ – “not” and ῥυθμός – “rhythm”) is a pathological condition that leads to a violation of the frequency, rhythmicity and sequence of excitation and contraction of the heart muscle – myocardium. Arrhythmia is any heart rhythm that differs from the normal sinus rhythm, which can significantly disrupt the normal contractile activity of the heart.
    “Arrhythmia” is a solo exhibition by artist Nikita Vlasov, which presents graphic works created from January-February 2022 to the present. Emotionally different, they have become a kind of cardiogram of society, which the artist constantly captures on paper, reacting to the events and mood around him.
    The artist knows about arrhythmia from his personal experience (a clinical diagnosis), and this disturbing condition – both personal and social – is conveyed by the stylistic dissimilarity, heterogeneity, and unevenness of the works. However, all of them are united by the use of Chinese ink, which is the basic material with which the artist works.

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