Project within the Assembly Scheme exhibition at the M17 CAC, Kyiv, Ukraine

Breach. Episode 2 

26.12.23 – 14.01.24

About the Exhibition

BREACH. Episode 2 (26.12.23 – 14.01.24) as part of Assembly Scheme exhibition at the M17 Contemporary Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Participants: Svitlana Ahranovska and Polina Shcherbyna

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    Breach is a gap in time. On the one hand, it is a pause, an abrupt stop in growth and development, after which it is sometimes possible to resume, albeit in a different, altered form. At the same time, a breach is a trauma that our ancestors had to go through, and we have to go through today.
    Polina Shcherbyna and Svitlana Ahranovska started a dialogue with wartime, mostly using the image of a tree, later adding other transformations of the physical and spiritual, which can be seen in the image of dead birds, scattered stones, and a cocoon.
    These images enable an open discourse on the body, its wounds, vulnerability and pain. The body, that contains the fragility of the world and at the same time the hope for healing. Especially now, the body seems fragile and unprotected in the face of the merciless machine of war that destroys everything around it.
    But “the broken branch regrows again” and these thoughts are connected with the hope of healing the living wound of humanity, which is still growing into a bottomless gap between our past and future.
    In this project, healing is compared to rebirth or even resurrection itself, which is an image of suffering and faith in light in the darkest of times. “The lightest sphere of relationship with the divine somehow depends on the darkest sphere that separates us from the animal.” Agamben

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