Project within the Assembly Scheme exhibition at the M17 CAC, Kyiv, Ukraine

Instytut avtomatyky non objective. 3.3 project


About the Exhibition

Instytut avtomatyky non objective. 3.3 project (9.11-19.11.2023) as part of Assembly Scheme exhibition at the M17 Contemporary Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Participants: Maksym Mazur, installation, objects, video; Andriy Pidlisnyi, kinetic sculptures, objects; Anton Sayenko, painting; Vitaliy Kokhan, objects; Natalia Lisova, performance, object; Anna Mirbakh, installation.

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    The exhibition features selected works that were part of various projects in recent years, newly created works by the INSTITUT AVTOMATYKY non objective group, and artists with related views on art.
    The exhibition project at M17 presents a new programme by INSTITUT AVTOMATYKY non objective, participating in the international non objective biennale in September-November 2023, as the group’s work is related to space on the principles of visual concentration, reduction, intuition and expressiveness of the material. Furthermore, the group aims to draw attention to important social issues in the field of new technologies, the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the emergence of a “new sensibility” in times of war.
    “Instytut avtomatyky” non objective is an initiative group that acts as an experimental creative laboratory, avoiding mimetic means of expression in the field of contemporary art, focusing on the concepts of experience, the inclusion of atypical materials, interaction with space and ready-made objects.
    “Instytut avtomatyky” was founded on 20 July 2020 by artists Maksym Mazur and Andriy Pidlisnyi to promote the development of a local creative centre that spontaneously emerged in the building of the Kyiv Institute of Automation at 22 Nahirna Street. The group’s priorities are to create art events, exhibition projects, and form an international collaboration of artists based on common values in art.
    Instytut Avtomatyky goes beyond a single, permanent exhibition space and uses a method of collective curation involving project participants.

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