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Monaco is the ultimate setting and the most prestigious venue in the history of Formula 1, attracting guests from around the world: sports personalities, influential individuals, art connoisseurs and art collectors.

The Monegasque Charles Leclerc of Ferrari secured victory at the 2024 F1 Monaco Grand Prix after mastering the Circuit de Monaco on 26 May 2024.

The portrait of the winner is among those artworks presented at the art exhibition Victory Lap by Michael Kagan, a collateral event at the newly opened Almine Rech gallery in Monaco.

Michael Kagan in his oeuvre pays homage to the ‘heroes of our time’: astronauts, supersonic fighter jet pilots and, as in this exhibition at Almine Rech, Formula 1 racing car drivers. The subjects of Kagan’s paintings and sculptures are superhumans who brave all obstacles and fears in their obsessive and passionate pursuit of records, speed, excellence, and victory.

Art experts believe, that the group of works exhibited here will enter many distinguished collections around the world, and due to Michael Kagan, will remain an artistic and timeless tribute to our human pursuit of constantly pushing our limits and surpassing ourselves.
The exhibition is open until 22 June 2024
Almine Rech20, Avenue de la Costa, Monaco, Monaco, MCTuesday-Saturday, 10 am-6 pm(Monday, Sunday - Closed)