Elmgreen & Dragset's READ Exhibition

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Elmgreen & Dragset's READ

During my visit to Prague, I had a chance to attend an exhibition by Elmgreen & Dragset in Kunsthalle Praha. Highly recommended!
The artist duo have transformed the gallery into a curious public library. Titled READ, their exhibition celebrates Prague’s literary heritage, and brings together works by international artists.

For their first major exhibition in Czech Republic, Elmgreen & Dragset present their own work alongside artworks by 60 artists, many of these works have been selected from Kunsthalle Praha’s Collection, while other artists have been personally invited by the duo to participate.
Once you enter the gallery, you will find yourself in a contemporary public library. The exhibition focuses on the historic and enduring relevance of books, and questions modern-day role of books and knowledge in the age of digital media. Moreover, it questions whether we able to “read the signs,” “read a situation,” or “read the room”?

The initial concept for READ emerged from a key work in Kunsthalle Praha’s Collection, Giorgio de Chirico’s Les jouets défendus (1916) (Forbidden Toys). Still life captured unknown books along with other mysterious objects of unknown purpose. It prompted Elmgreen & Dragset to seek for works that thematically resonated with them.Elmgreen & Dragset take on the library as a crucial space not just for the sharing of knowledge but for providing basic services with recent cuts on social safety nets.
Kunsthalle PrahaKlárov 5, 118 00, Praha 1
Closed on TuesdaysWednesday 11am - 9pmThursday-Monday 11am - 7pm
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