NAXOS exhibition at Unlimited Art Foundation, Nice

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NAXOS exhibition

French Riviera often lured talented European artists with its pure inspiration. From Picasso, Chagall and Cezanne to Jaume Plensa, to name a few, artists found their cradle of creativity in the region, practised art and crafts, and exhibited their artworks, including ceramics.

A famous painter and original sculptor, Pablo Picasso hung up his hat in Vallauris on the Côte d’Azur to expand his talent with a new art: creating ceramics. And, as a result, he left a definitive mark on the history of the Cote d’Azur with his original works. Marc Chagall practised ceramics in Madoura workshop and had exhibitions in the region, including ‘Chagall Ceramics’ at the Galerie Madoura in Cannes back in 1962.
Ceramic artworks of Ukrainian artist Nina Murashkina were recently represented in the region, at the opening of the “NAXOS” exhibition at Unlimited Art Foundation in Nice, France, bringing a feminine vibe to the Côte d’Azur.

"The main theme of my work is painful femininity. It is the torment of the soul with its bursts of joy, happiness, grief. It is a striving for beauty, a crystalline absolute" - Nina Murashkina
The works of Ukrainian artist Nina Murashkina combine a wide range of media. Irony and playful intention coexist in their symbolism, giving rise to unexpected, dynamic and vibrant imagery. In her work, there are echoes of worship and a deep artistic understanding of a female's personal experience.

"An emotion frozen on the canvas is the foremost important thing for me. I want the viewer to change for the better after seeing my art, I do not believe in destructive art. I believe in creation, in the harmony of colour, rhythm and structure" - Nina Murashkina