The exhibition "The Night of Light"by WAONE (Volodymyr Manzhos)

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The Night of Light by WAONE

The exhibition 'Nuit de Lumière' (The Night of Light) of the Ukrainian contemporary artist WAONE (Volodymyr Manzhos) is running until 24 May 2024 at the Centre Culturel d'Ukraine en France, Paris.
Visitors to the exhibition are welcome to discover the transformative potential of the art of WAONE, through the collection of etchings printed with Arte Imprimerie Fondation Maeght during 2018-2024, the set of hand-painted ceramic plates and other ceramic artworks, as well as new bronze sculptures.

The Maeght Foundation is dedicated, according to the wishes of its founders, to modern and contemporary art. The biggest sculptors of the 20th century, including Georges Braque, Joan Miró and Alberto Giacometti, contributed to the creation of the La Fondation Maeght. The highlights of the foundation’s collection include the Giacometti Courtyard and the Miró Labyrinth.

Set in the Ukrainian context, the exhibition serves as a symbolic encapsulation of the nation's collective ethos. Through his surreal visual language, WAONE invites viewers to traverse the liminal spaces between dream and reality, where pure imagery exists unencumbered by contextual constraints.
'Nuit de Lumière'
Centre Culturel d'Ukraine en France
22 Av. de Messine, 75008 Paris