Oleksii Zolotar at Alles Mögliche

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Oleksii Zolotar Exhibition

Oleksii Zolotar at Alles Mögliche (Berlin)
Vernissage: Friday, March 15, 2024

What happens when an internationally successful sculptor from Kyiv comes to Berlin? He is not interested in the Brandenburg Gate. He sees a city full of existing or conceivable spatial settings. And this is how Oleksii Zolotar photographs: he sees sculptures in buildings, elements of the landscape or randomly found objects. They are characterized by black, seemingly two-dimensional motifs against a mostly very light background. The urban space thus becomes a white cube.

Alles Mögliche displays a selection of the pictures by the artist and his two sculptures.
Oleksii is an artist of clear forms and precise expression of meaning. The picture of the world in his works is reduced to the laconicism of geometric construction, where the archaic and the modern, the mental and the material, the masculine and the feminine are combined in syncretism or dynamic opposition. His sculptures often become part of urban and natural landscapes.

In 2019, Oleksii Zolotar participated in a Sculpture Project “Reforming the Space“ at the M17 Contemporary Art Center (Kyiv, Ukraine).
Alles MöglicheSalon für FotografieOdenwaldstraße 21, Berlin Friedenau