“Pasolini in Chiaroscuro” exhibition in Villa Sauber in Monaco

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Pasolini in Chiaroscuro

While Pier Paolo Pasolini preferred to describe himself as a writer, it was his films that brought him to the public’s attention. Cinema, which acted as the perfect sounding board for his political ideas, occupies a central place in the oeuvre of the master.
Half a century after the death of Pasolini, his influence is still felt in the various fields he worked in, he is often quoted and adapted, and he inspires contemporary creators nowadays.

The main focus of the “Pasolini in Chiaroscuro” exhibition, in VILLA SAUBER in Monaco (a part of the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco), is on this aspect of Pasolini’s work, seen through the prism of the influence of classical and contemporary art on the aesthetic of his cinematographic work. The name comes as no surprise, as the term “chiaroscuro” in the title refers to the painterly technique of Caravaggio as much as to the black and white in Accattone.
The exhibition in Monaco brings together a variety of pieces (film excerpts, paintings, drawings, installations, photographs), dating from the 16th century to the present day, and it culminates with a presentation of contemporary artworks, where over thirty international artists have paid tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini.
Curated by Guillaume de SardesExhibition design: Christophe Martin
The exhibition runs until 29.09.2024 VILLA SAUBER Nouveau Musée National de Monaco17, avenue Princesse Grace98000 Monaco