Rehabilitation: Art Therapy an programme of art-rehabilitation

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Rehabilitation: Art Therapy

Rehabilitation. Art Therapy: an innovative programme of art-psychotherapeutic rehabilitation in Ukraine for mothers and children affected by Russian aggression.
The programme is initiated and implemented with the support of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, The Aleksandr Savchuk Foundation and Art Support Fund.
The workshops will be held at the premises of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine and the CAC M17.


The workshops will be delivered by prominent artists and supported by professional psychologists. The art programme includes various art forms: graphics, painting, ceramics and collages.
During the sessions, art therapy and art reflection will be used as a means of psychological rehabilitation. The course is open to both children and mothers, as children often tend to take on stress and fears from their mothers. The programme includes a series of meetings with professional psychologists who will advise on how to overcome the difficulties caused by the war.
Applications for participation in the first session (28 April 2023) are now open here. 
Please pass on the information to those who are in the city of Kyiv and would be interested in the project.
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