The Order of Things pre-opening

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The Order of Things

"I had the honour to attend THE ORDER OF THINGS pre-opening event at the Musée d’art et d’histoire de Genève (MAH) on January 24, 2024" - Natalia Shpytkovska.
For its fourth XL exhibition, MAH invited Wim Delvoye to investigate the museum’s connection to its collections and institutions. The visual artist presents an original artistic and aesthetic experience that deeply explores our relationship to art and the objects around us. The show allows for a questioning of the impenetrable boundaries that divide art objects and everyday objects.

“He has extraordinary knowledge about art; it’s deeper than that of most artists. He’s a great collector, for example, of numismatics and Chinese photography,” MAH director Marc-Olivier Wahler emphasises. “He’s also passionate about seeking out things in hidden corners that people may have forgotten, and this fascinates me.”
Pieces from the museum’s collection partake in a game of reflection and contrast with pieces by Delvoye himself. The material accumulation, the mania of collecting, and the effects of formal and aesthetic echoes that emerge through the presentation create a tenuous narrative that visitors weave for themselves.

Belgian visual artist, Wim Delvoye is known for his inventive and often shocking projects (Cloaca, Art Farm). Provocateur in arts, he mixes themes and subjects, tackling politics, religion, sexuality, social issues and others.In 1992, Delvoye received international recognition with the presentation of his "Mosaic" at Documenta IX, a symmetrical display of glazed tiles featuring photographs of his excrement.
Delvoye describes himself as a regionalist artist. Defender of craftsmanship, he explores and questions the roots of his own culture. He remains anchored in his territory, and his art is inextricably linked to it. Lately, the artist has been exploring the new world of modern technologies, notably through work on 3D printing and laser cutting.The exhibition will run at the MAH until 16 June 2024
Address: Rue Charles-Galland 2, 1206 Geneva