"Still life with an embroidered portrait of Klitschko"

2001, canvas, acrylic, embroidery, 96 х 100 cm


"Day 199"

2022, canvas, acrylic, embroidery, 50 х 60 cm

Women fight, provide support, and yet have to remain women to procreate. Art becomes the remedy and psychological reflection for all those in the war zone. Such is the work by Maryna Skugareva “199 Day”, which depicts a flamboyant bird as a hope, interrupting the cycle of the disturbing news and losses. 

About the artist

Maryna Skugareva was born in 1962 in Kyiv.
In 1974, Marina entered Kyiv Republican Art School. In 1981 she graduated from the Dzhemal Dagestan art school.

From 1982–1988, she studied at the Lviv State Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts (Department of the Art Textiles).
In 1988, she married the painter Oleh Tistol and left for Moscow with him and painters Konstantin Reunov and Yana Bystrova. There they lived and worked in the squat “Furmanny Lane”, and later in ‘Trehprudny Lane”, where the famous “Gallery at Trehprudny Lane” was situated, founded by Konstantin Reunov and Avdey Ter-Oganyan.

In May 1992, Marina Skugareva and Oleh Tistol received grants from the Christoph Merian Stiftung fund within the cultural exchange program and left for Basel, where they lived until 1993.
In Switzerland they participated in several exhibitions with Gia Japaridze and André Clément. The Swiss artists Suzette Beck, Ronald Wüthrich, and Ilse Ermen became good friends of Marina and later even the heroes of her paintings.

Since 1993 Marina Skugareva has lived and worked in Kyiv.