2020, canvas, oil100 x 100 cm

Despite many years of self-improvement and searches in the abstract art field, Anatoly Kryvolap has not abandoned his favorite genre in the figurative art, the landscape. It interests him as an opportunity to combine personal experience with the execution of all the main artistic tasks. For his works, the artist chooses traditional Ukrainian motifs that are close to his heart and reflect the lyrical image of his homeland. Contrary to global urbanization, Kryvolap lives and works primarily in his country house in Yahotyn. Local landscapes are a source of inspiration for the artist and of the sensitive wealth for his paintings. Anatoliy Kryvolap is a great colourist, master of the finest colour nuances.
«I studied color all my life. Studied a lot, and wrote many sketches. I studied the gray day and its nuances, the sun with its transitions – from yellow to red and almost crimson. I’ve been experimenting with color for 20 years. The purpose of the experiments is the full power of color, its sound fully. Than the color is more open, the stronger emotion is. Here you are sitting in a gray room – it’s a feeling, and imagine that the room is bright blue or bright red. This has a tremendous effect on emotional state, on perception. I create paintings in the formats that are most effective in terms of color and its emotional impact. I create such a spot of color that it tightens, has the maximum effect on the viewer. A small painting can look just like a 3-meter painting because the color is a function.» - Anatoly Kryvolap

Anatoly Kryvolap

About the artist

Anatoly Kryvolap (b. 1946) – Ukrainian artist, a Member of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, laureate of the Shevchenko Prize (2012).

Anatoly Kryvolap was born on September 11th in Yahotyn, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine. In 1976 he graduated from Kyiv State Institute of Arts, department of painting. Later his life became more secluded. Through years 1992 to 1995 Kryvolap was an active participant of the “Picturesque Reserve” – a n influential group of artists in the modern history of the Ukrainian arts, a group that stated that liberation of the realm of paintings from all features of real life is their main objective. He is also a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.