"Nut (from the "Landscapes of Childhood" series)"

2022, canvas, acrylic, potal120 x 120 сm

The artist states that his artistic activity can be formally divided into two categories: “expressive” and “reserved”. “Expressive” works are mainly black and white and keep sacral themes, dynamics in them are achieved by the author himself. In “reserved” works movement occurs due to the environment.
The second category includes long-lasting project of many years “To Be Present” or “My Realism”, typical feature of which is the technique and material they are made of – colourful glace Dutch foil. Thanks to almost mirror surface, we can see our reflections in the works, we are present in them that’s what the name means. And when we look at the painting, standing just against it, we are able to see the realistic enough reflection that’s what Tremba names “my realism”.

Anatoly Kryvolap

About the artist

Ruslan Tremba (b. 1980) – Ukrainian transcarpathian artist, who works in different art media such as fine art, sculpture and graphics. He also experiments with different materials – wood, canvas, paper, fabric, metal, stained glass.

Ruslan Tremba was born in Zakarpattia in s.m.t Chynadiievo, Zacarpattia region, Ukraine. After graduation from Uzhhorod Art College named after A. Erdeli in 1999 he enters the Lviv National Art Academy, the department of Art Glass. With matriculation to LNAA starts his artistic career. Works of the artist were presented within personal and collective projects in galleries of Lviv (Lviv Art Hall, Dzyga Gallery), Uzhhorod (Ilko Gallery, Corydor Gallery), Kyiv (Voloshyn Gallery, Ya Gallery, Shcherbenko Art Center) as well as Lublin, Vilnius. Ruslan Tremba is the active participant of art residences. At the moment he lives and works in Uzhhorod.