"Comida corrida"

2022, gouache on paper, 29 x 41 cm 

Kitty Rice's works are inspired by Edward James' Surreal Folly in the state of San Luis Potosi. "I’m interested in asking questions about femininity and memory. I am haunted by images of my childhood, imagining an adult world of womanhood through a playful visual world of innocent imagery" – Kitty Rice

Anatoly Kryvolap

About the artist

Kitty Rice (b. 1991) – British painter currently working in south London.
Having recently completed the post-graduate programme at the royal drawing school, her work explores themes of feminine strength as seen through a child’s eyes whilst considering the power of eradication and editing of an emotional history. Her works are made in watercolour and gouache washes considering the nature of filmic pixels whilst moving between two languages of memory, both blurry and hyper-real.
Education: Diploma, Royal Drawing School, 2021-2022 BFA, University of the Arts London, 2011-2015