2021, high frequency mixed media on gesso panel, 100 x 100 cm

"I see my portal paintings as doorways to transcend the every day, taking us to another place, a place where we take time to stop and reflect, to decide how we want to feel… It's like the painting becomes our emotional vision board and the bands of colour represent good feeling emotions, and we get to decide what those emotions are: love, joy, inner peace, harmony, flow, alignment…and by giving focus and attention to the sort of vibrational energy and feelings that light us up, we automatically attract more of it into our lives.” – Lisa Sharpe

Anatoly Kryvolap

About the artist

Lisa Sharpe – high-vibrational British artist whose artistic practice is about creating and expressing uplifting emotions, energy and good vibrations: ultimately making what's not physical, physical, through the medium of paint
Emotions have been a constant theme throughout her work, starting with her 3D word paintings in 2013/2014, to her bottle sculpture works which represent us as 'vessels' of emotions, leading to her current Portal Painting series where the bands of colours represent good-feeling emotions. Having been involved in the world of Art & Design for over three decades as an award-winning silk shoe designer, mature art student, art dealer and now practising artist, Sharpe's natural affinity with art in all its various guises informs much of her work.

Fusing the physical and non-physical is a constant theme throughout her work - continually exploring ways to expand her knowledge of Quantum Physics and vibrational frequencies in order to keep her work dynamic and meaningful.