"La Voie Lactée"

2020, canvas, oil100 x 100 cm

The artwork introduces an artistic utopia, based on scientific data which suggests a possibility of transforming society by an ecological way: using surplus milk instead of oil to produce ecological plastics. Milk is an essential resource, the basis of our food, as well as of our civilization. Milk is the food of newborns and is seen as a symbol of motherhood and rebirth. Milk and honey are the drinks of life. The symbol of milk represents spirit and matter. An elixir of life, rebirth and immortality, milk is a metaphor for kindness, caring, compassion, abundance and fertility. In a broader sense, it represents the drink of knowledge or spiritual nourishment. Its color makes it a symbol of purity. As the primary energy food for humans, due to its white color and sweet taste, it often symbolizes the food of the gods.
However, today we are faced with the overconsumption of milk as a nutritional element that can be harmful to health if used inappropriately, and the overproduction of milk that is becoming an ecological problem, especially because of the numerous non-recycled wastes.In La Voie Lactée artist explore the future possibilities of intelligent integration of this essential and symbolic substance, and the impact its future uses may have on society.

About the artists

Tatiana Drozd, Olga Kisseleva, Taisiya Polischuk – the International interdisciplinary group that is composed of women coming from former Soviet Union: an artist, a designer, a danser, a biologist and a curator.