"They Said She Screamed Murder"

2020, coloured pencils on paper, 29.7 x 21 cm 

Siggi Sekira’s drawings are organised around the common themes of reproductive labour, female hysteria, and false expectations. They draw from a variety of sources from Ukrainian mythology to the 1900s Wiener Werkstätte, the Soviet avant-garde, and the influx of the Western pop-culture after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Each drawing is a garland of self-portraits, associations, family stories, and unfortunate coincidences. Together, they create a new narrative and an alternative, macabre, memory of one’s life events.


About the artist

Siggi Sekira (b. 1987) – Ukrainian artist, lives and works in Vienna. Her artistic practice includes ceramic sculpture and coloured pencil drawings.
Since 2015 she’s been studying on the Master’s program at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Recent exhibitions include Sweet Lies at Ludwig Forum Aachen; Cruel Summer Camp at Exile, Vienna; Rhizome at Galerie Kandlhofer, Vienna and Fever Dream at Gianni Manhattan, Vienna.
The figures in Sekira’s drawings frequently shut themselves down, their eyes closed and heads floating in the black clouds among disconnected muscles and biomorphic creatures. There is a continuous sense of chaos and unease, something rather twisted but, at the same time, presented in the bright colours of 1950s Soviet animation and delicate lines mimicking botanical drawings.