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Daniil Shumikhin


About the artist

Daniil Shumikhin is a well-known Ukrainian artist that works with sculpture, photography and installation. Daniil was born in Kherson, Ukraine. The language of Shumikhin's works is laconic and minimalistic, but behind it them lays a conceptuality, that characterizes the artists of his generation. He studied at the NAOMA, has exhibitions since 2003 (Port Creative Hub, Dzyga, Lavra Gallery, Modern Art Research Institute, M17 CAC, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Triennale of Sculpture and many more). The nominee of the М17 Sculpture Prize (2020), and the laureate of the Special Prize from the Berkeley Real Estate in the nomination "For artistic reflection on the influence of architectural forms" within the project.

  • List of the exhibitions

    Selected exhibitions:2020- Virtual sculpture show by M17 Sculpture Project at Kyiv Art Week- “Form to space”, the project of and the residential complex “044”, implementation of the residential complex at the building. Kyiv, Ukraine
    2019- “Illusion of Matter”, sculptural intervention of M17 Contemporary Art Center at Kyiv Art Week. Kyiv, Ukraine
    2018- “Temporary Autonomous Zone: Kyiv squat” at the “Evidence” gallery-squat. Kyiv, Ukraine- “Bigger Sculpture” in M17 (Art Ukraine Gallery). Kyiv, UkraineVenue Atelier at the CerModern Arts Center. Ankara, Turkey- “Clever way”, a virtual exhibition of contemporary sculpture in the “Mitets” gallery. Kyiv, UkraineV- olume Park, sculptural exhibition on the territory of Natalka park. Kyiv, Ukraine
    2017 - “Theory”, collaboration with the creative group GAZ at the LEMinarium project at the gallery “Dzyga”. Lviv, Ukraine- Corpusculum II, sculptural project at Lavra gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine- All-Ukrainian sculpture trienale, House of an Artist. Kyiv, Ukraine - “New hour” at the Port creative hub. Kyiv, Ukraine
    2016 - All-Ukrainian Christmas exhibition at the House of an Artist. Kyiv, Ukraine
    2015 - Corpusculum, a sculptural project at the MARI. Kyiv, Ukraine
    2014- “A4, Pen”, a yearly art project at the Karas Gallery. Kyiv, UkraineIX ART-KYIV Contemporary at Mystetskyi Arsenal. Kyiv, Ukraine- “Theory of vitality”, a project at the VII All-Ukrainian platforms “News of the Directorate” in the MARI, Kyiv, Ukraine
    2013 - “Industrial Eden”, a project at the the VI All-Ukrainian Platforms “News -Direct” in the MARI. Also shown at the VIII ART-KYIV Contemporary in the Mystetskyi Arsenal. Kyiv, Ukraine
    2012 - The Great Sculptural Salon at Mystetskyi Arsenal. Kyiv, Ukraine 
    2010 - “Lamp” at the P.Art.Com gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine