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Vasyl Tatarskyi

From the Concentration of the Will at M17The fight between good and evil73 cm, iron, electric welding, 2023Price on request

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    I remember, even from the Soviet school, they used to say about Good and Evil that this is a class concept. The landowner had one understanding of the serf, but from the serf's point of view it looked completely different.
    During the Cold War, the world was divided into two camps: imperialist and socialist, where each side considered its position more correct.
    What is happening now is the continuation of the world confrontation already in an open form and on the territory of our state of Ukraine, which has suffered a lot for many centuries.
    My sculpture symbolizes the struggle between Good and Evil in the form of two almost identical, without unnecessary symbolism, strong fighters whose confrontation is supported by ideology and provocative information. For some, this struggle is for material goods, money, and for some, it is the price of Freedom and Independence.

Vladyslav Yudin

From the Concentration of the Will at M17Relia300×170×170 cm, metal, wood, cutting, bending, diffusing, welding, 2022Price on request

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    Every person experiences embarrassing and tragic events in life, which leave a burden that sways under the influence of various phenomena. War makes this burden even heavier. New, unusual experiences are layered on it, and the reaction becomes more sensitive, and the swing of the emotional state increases in amplitude. "Relia" is a visualization of the so-called "emotional swing", the mechanism of which has been working at full capacity since the beginning of the Russian invasion.
    The movement of the swing feeds Moloch, who speaks with sounds of iron. The sculpture is embodied in metal and wood. The main elements of the sculpture are made of metal - the head, jaw and cruise missile/lever. A general skeleton is made of wood, which collects all the metal components of the sculpture. The weight of the metal plays a very important role, as it was easily calibrated by making the sculpting components, the jaw and the lever, almost the same weight, which best actuates the pendulum-lever mechanism to move the jaw-emotion.