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Max Kilderov

Olexiy Ivaniuk

About the artist

Max Kilderov is a Ukrainian contemporary artist. He was was born in 1993 in Kherson. In his practice he uses calligraphy and words to create an ornament or figurative images. The artist also creates a decoration used to embellish parts of a building or object.

  • List of the exhibitions

    Personal Exhibitions:
    2020 – XX: personal exhibition in Nova Kakhovka, Gavdzinsky Gallery, Ukraine
    2021 – Contemporary: personal exhibition in Kherson, exhibition hall of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Ukraine
    2022 – FRAMED/UNFRAMED, City Gallery Lavra, Kyiv, Ukraine
    Art and curatorial projects:
    2021-2021 – La Fabriq is a community art studio in Nova Kakhovka
    2021 – Mycelium, (Freedom Art Space) collective exhibition in Kherson, Freedom
    2021 – Gogol Train, creation of 7 train cars, Kyiv
    2021 – Crystal & amp; Concrete, collective exhibition in Kherson, Urban Garden
    2021 – Avangad, collective exhibition, Dzyga Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine, 2021
    2022 – Trigger, collective exhibition, Estonia, Tartu
    2022 – In art we trust Exhibition, THE ATELIER ART SOCIETY, Grashoek
    2022 – KNOKKE ART FAIR, Grand Casino Knokke, Belgium
    2022 – Supernova. Art of Ukraine, Basel, Swiss
    The works are in the collections of private collectors in the USA, Great Britain, Ukraine, Netherlands, UAE.
    Participant of Ukrainian festivals of contemporary art as a performer, creating murals, locations, clothing and more.