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Maria Kulikovska


About the artist

Maria Kulikovska is an art activist and a feminist. She was born in 1988 in Kerch, Ukraine. Maria received a masters degree in Architecture and Fine Art from the National Academy of Art and Architecture, Kiev. The artist has since won several prestigious prizes including the Cultural Capital in Umeå, Sweden (2014), the RutaRuna Project for young artists from Ukraine and Sweden (2013), the PinchukArtCentre Prize 2013 nominee, and the top 100 most influential figure in art in Ukraine. Started from 2016 to 2017 at the Royal Institute of Artistic Art, Stockholm, Sweden. Participant of the MUHi 2011 project. Nominee for the Pinchuk Art Prize 2013. Author of architectural projects (zocrema, building for the Sherbenko Art Center) in Ukraine, Switzerland and China. Conducted a course of lectures and workshops on contemporary art in Kiev (VCRC, Bottega gallery, PinchukArtCentre), Donetsk (IZOLYATSIA), Dnipro, Liverpool and Malmö.

  • List of the exhibitions

    Exhibitions and Events:2021 - Futurespective, Vogue UA; Art project of Vogue UA on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence. Exhibition at M17 Art Centre. Kyiv, Ukraine.
    2021 -'s sculptures in the Ukrainian pavilion of NordArt 2021. Budelsdorf, Germany.
    2020 - From Action to Performative Sculpture; Mini-retrospective exhibition of Kulikovska's performative practice at Shcherbenko Art Centre. Kyiv, Ukraine.
    2020 - President of Crimea Maria Kulikovska's MFA exhibition. With the support of Uleg Vinnichenko. Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden.
    2019 - Flowers; Exhibition project of Swedish artist Alexandra Larsson Jacobson and Maria Kulikovska at Shcherbenko Art Centre. Kyiv, Ukraine.
    2019 - My Skin is My Business - Solo exhibition at Odesa Fine Arts Museum. Odesa, Ukraine (19.07.2019 – 30.08.2019).
    2019 - Let Me Say: It Is Not Forgotten; Display of works within festival The Present Is Not Enough – Performing Queer Histories and Futures. HAU2, Berlin, Germany.
    2019 - Homo Bulla. Replica in Hyndlian's House-Museum; Display of sculpture at the group exhibition of the Deutsche Telekom collection, organized by Office For Art and Cultural Capital in Hyndlian's House-Museum. Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
    2019 - Women in Arts Award Ceremony: 5 sculptures-copies of Maria Kulikovska's hands as statuettes-awards of the Women In Arts Award for Ukrainian women achievements in the area of art and culture, which was established by UN Women Ukraine and the Ukrainian Institute as a part of the HeForShe solidarity movement. Kyiv, Ukraine.
    2018 - Permanent Revolution. Ukrainian Art Today; Display of sculptures from the series «Carpe Diem» and photo documentation of the performance «Happy Birthday» at the group exhibition. Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Hungary.
    2018 - Homo Bulla. Replica at the Viennacontemporary: Presentation of the triptych «Homo Bulla. Replica» as part of Deutsche Telekom Collection at the group exhibition within the Viennacontemporary. Vienna, Austria.
    2018 - Invisible. Comfortable. Quiet: Display of six sculptures and performance action at Bursa Gallery during the presentation of the Vogue UA Art Issue. Kyiv, Ukraine (25 July of 2018).
    2017 - The Folds of Reflections: Opening of solo exhibition at Port creative hub. Kyiv, Ukraine.
    2016 - Homo Bulla. Replica at the Warsaw Gallery Weekend; Presentation of the sculptural triptych «Homo Bulla. Replica» as part of Deutsche Telekom Collection during the Warsaw Gallery Weekend at Królikarnia Palace. Warsaw, Poland.
    2016 - 9th of May: Solo exhibition at Art Represent. London, England.
    2012 - Gender; Display of sculptural series «Army of Clones» on the territory of Izolyatsia Art Centre within the group exhibition «Gender». Donetsk, Ukraine.
    2011 - Collective Dreams: Display of sculpture installation «Pysanky» at the group exhibition at Modern Art Research Institute in Kyiv. Kyiv, Ukraine.