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Viktor Lipovka

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About the artist

Viktor Lipovka was born in 1956 in Chernihiv region, Ukraine. From 1971 to 1974 he studied in Republican Art High School, Department of Sculpture. Since 1974 he has been student of the Kyiv State Art Institute, Faculty of sculpture.In 1981 he became a postgraduate student of creative workshops of the Academy of Arts of the USSR. In 1983 Viktor Lipovka became a member of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists. Victor Lipovka is the author of more than 15 monumental sculptures and garden-park compositions. In 1999 he received the title "Honored Artist of Ukraine". The works are exhibited in 26 museums all over the world, as well as in private collections in Ukraine, Sweden, Russia, France, USA, Switzerland, UAE.

  • List of the exhibitions

     1984 – Group exhibition of post-graduates of USSR’s Academy of Arts, Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia. 1984 – Personal Art exhibition, TRUMF Gallery, Hegersdorf, Germany.
    1988 – Group exhibition of works by the students of the Academy of Arts of the USSR, Erfurt, Germany. 1989 – Exhibition of the Soviet Art, Robin Hutchins Gallery, New-Jersey, USA.
    1990 – Exhibition at the Harrington Gallery, London, United Kingdom.
    1991 – Exhibition of the Ukrainian artists, Malmo, Sweden.
    1991 – Exhibition of the Ukrainian artists, Dachau, Germany.
    1991 – Auction of the Ukrainian Art, Chicago, USA.
    1991 – Exhibition of Ukrainian Art Beyond Borders, Pittsburgh, USA.
    1992 – Auction of the Ukrainian Art, Versailles, France.
    1993 – Auction of the Ukrainian Art, Anger, France.
    1993 – Solo show, Maig Davaud Gallery, Paris, France.
    1993 – Personal exhibition, Smugehamn Gallery, Trelleborg, Sweden.
    1994 – Auction of the Ukrainian Art, Drouot, Paris, France.
    1997 – Art exhibition with M.Shemyakin and O.Ruban, Tadzio Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
    1998 – Exhibition in the Museum of Modern Ukrainian Art, Chicago, USA.
    1999 – Personal exhibition, L-ART Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
    1999 – First Ukrainian Sculpture Triennale, Kyiv, Ukraine.
    2000 – Europ’Art 2000 – International Art Fair, Geneva, Switzerland.
    2003 – International Conference and Exhibition in the World Sculpture Park, Changchun, China.
    2003 – Exhibition of small sculptures of V.Lipovka, O.Ruban, A.Lipovka in Ukraine Embassy, Beijing, China. 2007 – Art exhibition "Family art tradition in the Art of Ukraine", Museum of Russian Art, Kyiv, Ukraine. 2008 – Exhibition of Sculpture Gallery, Da Vinci, Kyiv, Ukraine.
    2009 – Art Exhibition "200th anniversary of Gogol", Kyiv Museum of Russian Art, Kyiv, Ukraine.
    2010 – Exhibition "Ukrainian Contemporary Art", R-12 Gallery, Vienna, Austria.
    2011 – Great Sculpture Salon, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.
    2012 – Art Exhibition, Yana Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
    2013 – Art Exhibition, Rarity Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
    2014 – All-Ukrainian Sculpture Triennale, Kyiv, Ukraine.
    2016 – Antique Salon, M17 Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
    2017 – Kyiv Art Week, Zenko Foundation Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
    2017 – Art Exhibition "100th anniversary of National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture", Kyiv, Ukraine. 2018 – Art Exhibition in Ukrainian pavilion at Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival, Dubayy, UAE.
    2018 – Art Exhibition in the Embassy of Ukraine, Dubayy, UAE.
    2020-2021 – Silent auction Classic Underground Contemporary, the Golden Section Auction House, Kyiv. 2021 – Art project "Lesya Ukrainka: 150 names", Ukrainian House, Kyiv.