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Kostiantyn Zorkin


About the artist

Kostiantyn Zorkin was born in 1985 in Kharkiv. Kostiantyn is performer, artist working in the field of installation, puppet theatre, graphic design and stage design. He is culturologist, scenographer, teacher.He graduated from the State Academy of Culture in Kharkiv, the Knowledge of Culture Department. The creator of several puppet theatre performances. He teaches theory and philosophy of visual art. His main interest and field of work is performance art. In 2014, he founded the Laboratory Undirectional Action, a project whose aim is to search for new forms of performance. The activities of LUA exist outside the boundaries of contemporary social content, and are based on the use of visual language, which is why it is called “urban shamanism”. Nowadays he lives and works in Kharkiv.

  • List of the exhibitions

    Selected exhibitions and performances
    - THE KORSAKS’ MUSEUM OF THE CONTEMPORARY. Konstantin Zorkin (Kharkiv) "ATTACK ON THE CITY" painting, sculpture
    -THE HILL by Kostiantyn Zorkin and Sandro Garibashvili, Stedley Art Foundation

    2017 - Object “The river” by Konstantin Zorkin (Kharkiv), exhibited as part of the exhibition "Remote access: Baranivka/Chernigov". The exposition can be viewed until December 1 at "Ermylov Center" (Kharkiv)
    2016 - Performance “Point of the East” by Kostiantyn Zorkin (Kharkiv) and Yury Shtayda (Kharkiv) at the land-art symposium "Mythogenesis 2016" (Vinnytsia)