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Yuriy Sivirin

From the Concentration of the Will at M17Be worthy of the morning sun200×150 cm, acrylic canvas, 2022Price on request

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    A special event occurs on this surface of the canvas, which cannot be fully described. There is a conflict between the language we normally use and the space that appears in relation to the work of art. This image, created by the artist, makes us think about the limits of the linguistic field and the limitations imposed by our existence.
    The pictorial image, which differs from ordinary symbolic language, takes us into the realm of the Real, in which our subjects face the absence of meaning and the unknowable. In this sense, art brings us to an awareness of our own incompleteness and presents an opportunity to open up to unconscious sources of meaning and emotion.
    Within the abstract shapes and colors lies the detonation of our desires and sufferings that transcend language and leave us on the edge of the semiotic and symbolic. This prompts our need to constantly seek and decode meaning within this picture, just as we attempt to decode our own incomplete and contradictory existences.
    As such, this work of art invites us to explore the limits of language and symbols, allowing us to experience the absurdity and unknowability inherent in being human, and perhaps shed light on the hidden aspects of our subconscious.
    The images and symbols presented in the paintings raise questions about our own knowledge and understanding of the world. They encourage us to think about how our knowledge is shaped and limited by dominant discourses and how we can break free from them to discover new perspectives and possibilities.
    The surface of the canvas becomes a discursive field where the artist, through the act of creation, enters into a dialogue with history and existing cultural norms. It destroys conventional definitions and limitations, causing doubt and elimination in our understanding of reality.


About the artist

Yuriy Sivirin was born in 1983 in Kyiv.
Graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.
He works in diverse art styles, reinterpreting the history of world painting and dissecting the world news. His paintings were exhibited in leading museums, galleries, and art spaces of Ukraine.