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Mariia Shevchenko

From the Concentration of the Will at M17Phantom Chronicles of Resilience (a series of 9 photos)32x48 cm, printing on Epson Traditional photo paper with UltraChrome HDX K3 ink, base - PVC 4 mm, 2022Price on request

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    "In the photographic series that I propose, an intimate epic unfolds of a simple man returning to his home, irrevocably disfigured by the terrible consequences of war. Having lived outside its borders for six months, I found myself in front of a landscape that was formed in the conditions of resistance to Russian aggression. It prompted me to record the new symbols, changed circumstances, and painful images carved into this new reality.
    We humans struggle with collective and individual tragedies. While we can overcome shared grief together, individual suffering requires personal coping. This series reflects my experiences when I saw my home lose its calm and peaceful essence. The images in it serve as a powerful testimony to the horrors of war and the destruction it inevitably brings. As an artist, my goal is to make sense of this chaos by giving voice to the emotions and experiences of those whose lives have been irreparably changed by the ravages of war." - Mariia Shevchenko


About the artist

Mariia Shevchenko was born in 1991 in Kyiv. She graduated from the Faculty of Theory and History of Art at the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine and received a master's degree in international law from the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University. Maria explores photography as a relevant medium in contemporary art.

She took a course on the history of artistic photography at the School of Photography under the guidance of Ukrainian photographer and teacher Viktor Marushchenko. She worked as a photojournalist in a Ukrainian online publication and in the Verkhovna Rada. In the period from 2016 to 2019, she created a series of photographs with outstanding personalities of Ukraine. After working as a photojournalist, Maria joined the team of the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center as a communications manager. In 2023, the Regional Museum of Jaslo (Poland) hosted a photo exhibition entitled "The Road Home: Fragments of the Wounded Land".