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Yevhen Pavlov, Volodymyr Shaposhnikov. Curator of project Tetiana Pavlova

From the Concentration of the Will at M17Hunters (From the project “Common Field”)150x100 см, author’s silver-gelatin print, pasted on canvas, oil painting and felt-tip pen, 1996Price on request

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    "Hunters" is one of the most spectacular and largest works in the "Common Field" project. The work was exhibited in Paris in 1999 at the exhibition "Boris Mikhailov and his friends" (Cite Internationale des Arts), at the exhibition of the "Common Field" project (approx. 100 works) at the House of Artists in Kharkiv (1996), at the exhibition "Evgeny Pavlov, Tetiana Pavlova. Chronicles of Total Photography", in the Dovzhenko Center (2017) at Ye. Pavlov's personal exhibition in "Set", (2019, Kyiv).
    The work does not contain any references to specific characters. Hunters are inseparable from the metaphor of the spectral circle (from the mnemonic poem: "every hunter wants to know where the pheasants sit"). The colored cartridge case and the smoke of the shots behind them indicates that hunting is treated as a game - a game with death. Cartridges-tubes with paint and iridescent fire-birds were conceived and painted with markers (felt-tip pen) by Yevhen Pavlov.


About the artists

Evgeny Pavlov was born in 1949 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. 1980 – graduated from the cinematography department of the Kyiv National University of Theater, Cinema and Television named after I.K. Karpenko-Karyo.
Pavlov's photographs are in museum collections:Norrkopings Museum of Fine Arts, SwedenCenter for Contemporary Art, Cincinnati, USAMuseum of Fine Arts, Cincinnati, USAMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston, USAUniversity of Texas Photo Center, Austin, USA, etc.
Volodymyr Shaposhnikov was born in 1949 in Kharkiv. He graduated from the Kharkiv Engineering and Construction Institute, where he studied under V. Kravets and V. Vasiliev, majoring in architecture.
Painter, graphic artist, sculptor. He created portraits, landscapes, still lifes, genre and abstract paintings in the style of postmodernism. Painting and graphic practice often became the field of his creative experiments. The stylistics of the works are the bearer of a peculiar "Kharkiv dialect". Since 1983, he has been an independent artist. Lived and worked in Kharkiv.
Tetyana Pavlova - doctor of art history, professor of the Department of Art Theory and History of the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. Researcher of Kharkiv modernism, painting, theater, cinema and photography of the 1920s-30s. Lives and works in Kharkiv.