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Viacheslav Strannik

From the Concentration of the Will at M17A model of consciousnessVideo, 2023Price on request

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    The "Light from Ukraine" project appeared at the turn of the 20th-21st centuries as one of the alternative methods of modern visual culture. The main aspect of this style is the departure of fine art beyond the framework of verbal representation of the world and the transition to higher forms of comprehension and reflection of reality. 
    This artistic method is based on a variety of symbolic information systems: color, numerical, symbolic, ornamental symbolism, as a special expression of the life of consciousness, which is based on an archetype. The interaction of complex forms and lines, which have a certain manifestation in color, creates a powerful color flow, which forms a spatial energy wave, which positively affects the spiritual aspect of the personality, corrects the psycho-emotional sphere.
    With the help of pictures and this visual method, a person builds bridges to the perception of various levels and boundaries of the world. This journey into the unknown, ascent to distant worlds - new sensations of space, which involves the expansion of ordinary human consciousness.It is a continuous flow of consciousness, a single process, a pure flight directed towards a bright, iridescent perception of the world aimed at improving the psyche.
    Intuitive search, journey into the depths of one's own subconscious, attraction to superconsciousness actively forms the conscious aspect. The effect of expanding consciousness occurs as a result of the fact that human perception, losing the usual support of rational thinking, acquires the ability to master spiritual experience.
    It is the directionality of the "Light from Ukraine" style that evokes associations that allow art critics to draw parallels with such embodiments of artistic consciousness as an icon and a mandala. This art is charged with self-awareness, which is emerging in the 21st century.


About the artist

Vyacheslav Rogovy (creative pseudonym Strannik) was born in 1957 in Makiivka. Ukraine
Vyacheslav Strannik is the author of a new, alternative method of modern visual culture called "Interaction with space", this method is based on various historically formed information systems: iconic, symbolic, numerical, colored, ornamental, the elements of which, as a result of subjective author's analysis and synthesis, turn into a special expression and self-expression of the artist's creative energy. The form of the works and artistic techniques of the "Interaction with space" system are close to icons and mandalas.
The construction of forms and lines, concretized in bright flower vision, colors, creates a powerful coloristic flow, forms a spatial energy wave that positively affects the spiritual aspect of the individual, contributes to the restoration of the psychological status of a person, introduces the world of knowledge, opens the possibility of discovering the inner "I" in harmony and interaction with the world.
Visually constructed space provides opportunities for perceiving different levels and facets of the world, the new unknown, which awakens the feeling of space as overcoming and expanding existence. Intuitive search in the journeys of one's own subconscious, directed to the superconscious.
Vyacheslav Strannik is a participant in many exhibitions, including in Ukraine, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Russia. His works are at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. "LAIN-ART" in Germany, in the "Ukrainian House" art gallery in Kyiv, Nizhny Tagil Museum in Russia, "Literary Prydniprovya" Museum in Dnipro, in private collections: USA, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Peru, etc.
Education:1980 -1985 private studio of the artist Zeleny Yu.K., Kryvyi Rih1987-1990 private studio of the artist Sinytsia G.I. laureate of the Shevchenko Prize in 1992 - for the revival of the Ukrainian colorist school, Kryvyi Rih
Membership in creative unions2008. Membership in the National Union of Artists of Ukraine1991 "Museum of Modern Art" in the city of Kryvyi Rih.1990 cultural and creative association "AYA".1990 "Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art" in the city of Kryvyi Rih.1986. Experimental creative laboratory

  • List of the exhibitions

    2023 "World from Ukraine", No Art Fashion m Rogel

    2022 "Interaction with space", Parter-X gallery. Dusseldorf

    2020–2023 "Art relax", National Center of Theater Arts named after Lesia Kurbasa, Kyiv

    2019 "Transcendentis Going beyond the boundaries", "Cultural alternative" gallery, Kryvyi Rih

    2017 "Ukrainian Mandala", Triptych: Global Arts Workshop (Triptych Gallery), Kyiv

    2016 "Expenses of an invisible temple", National Union of Architects of Ukraine, Kyiv

    2016 "Interaction with space", gallery of the culture and arts center of NTUU KPI, Kyiv

    2016 "Transformation of consciousness - consciousness of transformation". Ukrinform", Kyiv

    2016 "Fourth Dimension", National Historical and Architectural Museum "Kyiv Fortress", Kyiv

    2015 "Seven Dreams of the Universe", National Theater Arts Center named after Lesia Kurbasa, Kyiv

    2013 "Symbol", K.Z.K. City exhibition hall, Kryvyi Rih

    2012 "New World", City Museum of History and Local Lore, Kryvyi Rih

    2012 "Rekiton", "F-ART" gallery, Kryvyi Rih

    2010 "Red Texts", Art and Literary Festival, Kryvyi Rih

    2011 "VIST", Project So-vist, gallery "Pink Elephant", Kryvyi Rih

    2007 "Creative Space", City Exhibition Hall, Kryvyi Rih.

    2006 "Model of Consciousness", Museum "Literary Prydniprovya", Dnipro

    2004 "Mythological space and time in modern culture", Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Kyiv

    2001 Arts Festival, Lantosk (France)