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Yuliia Shybirkina

From the Concentration of the Will at M17The idea of lifeVideo, 30 sec, 2022Price on request

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    "This is my video message to the world, encrypted in pictures about my feelings in the period starting from 02/24/2022. It is an attempt to cope with stress, depression and difficult circumstances. in this project, my personal interpretation of the circumstances that have developed is deeply personal, despite the attachment to events and dates. Individual experience has developed into a concentrated image of screen life. 
    My visual narrative is created from photos of screenshots, reposts, publications in social networks during the 14 months of the war. this is an autobiographical project created on the basis of my personal experiences, scraps of information that fell into my infospace. memories and emotions, important events, people, places from my life in the form of photos and video chronicles, which are combined into a kind of field journal. The period from February 24, 2022 to April 24, 2023. I tried to make a work of art out of reflection and personal memories.
    I have lived in the city of Yuzhne, Odesa region, for 13 years out of my 38 years. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, I have not moved physically. but every day since the beginning of February 24, 2022, I went mentally to the place where the explosions rang out ... to the place where the decision to strike was made ... my spirit rushed from heaven to earth. I photographed everything that came across my way, my everyday life, I found symbols in everything, the presence of an invisible, hitherto unknown element of "war", I expressed to her my tenacity, my will to live. 
    When I felt absolute, wild helplessness, I photographed myself, the objects that I brought into the house. to the house... which is being encroached upon... by enemy neighbors. I lived, and in the meantime, enemies entered other people's houses, raped, killed and took the lives and objects that someone had just as carefully brought into his house. my spirit was present in everyone who suffered, in everyone who felt fear, in everyone who died at the behest of someone's will ... will ... I was not physically touched by the war. psychically she invaded, she is still present in me – revealing herself, encroaching on my comfort zone…
    The video picture is a symbolic image of the Ukrainian soul, which finds strength in each new day given by life. For me, the manifestation of autobiography and intimacy is very valuable. I tried to save every moment of free will. To collect moments of strength. when I was afraid, I shared the fear and it decreased, when I had hope, I shared the hope - and it increased. When I sympathized and worried, I shared hope - and it saved me. All these months I kept and continued to write my fragile life story, which can be taken away so easily now at any moment." - Yuliia Shybirkina


About the artist

Yuliia Shybirkina was born in 1984 in the city of Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Now she lives in the city of Yuzhne, Odesa region, and is engaged in the development of local culture and art.
Shybirkina works with photos, videos and mixed media. She actively maintains a digital diary, where she publishes autobiographical works based on her own experience and reflection.
2015 – graduated from the Odesa State Academy of Construction and Architecture (Fine Art Specialty)

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    2020 Online exhibition "Photo Kyiv"
    2022 "Fata Morgana", Odesa Museum of Western and Eastern Art"Dotyki", Klenik Ethnographic Museum, Slovenia"Share, Tag or Dye Show", Bucharest, Romaniadigital exhibition DSL VR Space, the country pavilion of the European Digital Art Fair"LET THE BODY SPEAK"
    2023 "Share, Tag or Dye Show II", Bucharest, Romania"Two Thousand Yard View" - a catalog of modern reflexive art of full-scale war, "Garelea Neotodresh" and "14-8-22"Photo salons "East/West", online showing of the project "Reflections of the War, Kyivphotos - Hall Kyiv