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Marharyta Zhurunova, Bohdan Lokatyr

From the Concentration of the Will at M17Dew in the sunVideo, 2022Price on request

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    The work was created within the framework of the COUNTERmyth scholarship program.NGO Center for Cultural Development "Totem", NGO "Laboratory of Current Creativity"Supported by House of Europe 2022
    "Our witches will die like dew on the sun" are not words of hope for the distant future, but words of our effective present. All traces of the occupiers and their filth will disappear from our land, as inevitably as the frost that appeared after a dark night disappears under the morning sun.
    Materials: stencils, frost, sun.


Bohdan Lokatyr & Marharyta Zhurunova's "Dew in the sun"

"Our enemies will vanish like dew in the sun" – a line from the national anthem of Ukraine, not only the words of hope for the distant future but for our powerful present. All traces of invaders, all traces of evil and war on the lands of Ukraine will disappear without a trace, as dew disappears in the morning after a dark night.” Bohdan Lokatyr & Marharyta Zhurunova

The unwillingness to settle down within the limits of specific forms and boundaries, the search for freedom of expression, seems to be the thread that keeps together a creative group of Bohdan Lokatyr and Marharyta Zhurunova, that has existed since 2015. 

Their artistic practices lie in the realms of different art forms: the artists work in many media, including the natural environment as an artistic object – land art, and printed graphics. 


About the artist

Marharyta Zhurunova, Bohdan Lokatyr is a creative association that has existed since 2015, from the first joint project created at the winter land art festival "Mythogenesis". Both participants - Margarita Zhurunova from the city of Vinnytsia (November 29, 1994) and Bohdan Lokatyr from Lviv (May 4, 1993) studied together at the Ukrainian Academy of Printing at the department of book and easel graphics, and graduated in 2018 with a master's degree. Prior to that, Bohdan Lokatyr also studied at the Lviv State College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after Ivan Trush, majoring in "art ceramics".
The main activities of the group are environmental art and land art. The main topics are the mutual influence of man and the landscape that surrounds him. Of course, after February 24, 2022, most of the works created are on the theme of war.
Also in 2019, both artists became laureates of scholarships of the President of Ukraine for young writers and artists, and received a grant from the President of Ukraine to create a second one volume of the art book "Ukrainian Bestiary".
Finalists of the contemporary art competition named after Natan Altman (Vinnytsia, 2018), Second biennial of young art (Kharkiv, 2019), M17 Sculpture Prize: Roots and Pollen (M17 gallery, Kyiv, 2020).

  • List of the exhibitions

    "Bigger space", (Kharkiv, Yermilov Center, 2019)

    The First All-Ukrainian Levkas Biennale (White World Gallery, Kyiv, 2019-20) + "Levkas Miniatures" Second Biennale of Young Art (Kharkiv, 2019)

    "Observation" ("White World" gallery, Kyiv, 2020)

    "The Form of Space" ( and Residential Complex "044", 2020)

    M17 Sculpture Prize: Roots and Pollen (M17 Gallery, Kyiv, 2020)

    Lacuna Festivals 2021 International Contemporary Art Festival 'Distance' (Canary Islands, 2021)

    Mykolaiv ART Week: CONNECT! (Mykolaiv, 2021)

    Exhibition based on the results of the ART KUzemin residency (G. Semiradskyi Gallery, Kharkiv, 2021)

    "Time of war. Reflections" (Dzyga, Lviv, 2022)

    "Invasion. Before and after" (Wroclaw-Krakow, Poland, 2022-23)

    Kunstausstellung // pARTner residence (Feldkirch, Austria, 2022)

    The Art of Resistance (University of Valencia, Spain, 2022)

    (Museu d’Art Contemporani Vicente Aguilera Cerni, Vilafames, Spain, 2023)

    "Indicators" (Dzyga, Lviv, 2023)

    Inner Landscapes, (ERSTE Foundation, Vienna, Austria, 2023)

    Day after Day, (atelier19, Paderborn, Germany, 2023)

    International exhibition of small graphic forms "MINI SPACE Graphics" (Lviv, 2015)

    "ESTAMP'15" (Lviv, 2015)

    Exhibition of student works "Graphics. Progress of the young" (Lviv, 2015)

    "BREST PRINT TRIENNIAL" (Belarus, Brest, 2015)


    "Małe Triennale Grafiki Myślenice 2015" (Poland, Myślenice, 2015)

    "International Biennial of Graphic Arts "Leopolis" 2016 (Lviv, 2016)

    "Bucharest International Print Biennale" (Romania, Bucharest, 2017)

    XVII International Contest of Small Graphics and Exlibris Ostrów Wielkopolski (Poland, Ostrów

    Greater Poland, 2019, 2022)

    20th International Print Biennale Varna (Bulgaria, Varna, 2019)

    the 17th International Triennial of Small Graphic Forms, (Poland, Lodz, 2020)

    International Virtual Engravist Printmaking Biennial (Engravist, online exhibition)

    Bienala Internationala de Arte Miniaturale Timisoara 2020 (Romania, Timisoara, 2020)

    International ex-libris competition Finland 2020 (Naantali, Finland, 2020)

    Second International mini print Triennial “Intaglio” (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2021)

    Land art:

    International festival of land art "Mythogenesis" (Vinnytsia, 2011, 2015 - 2021)

    International Land Art Symposium "Border Space. Mogrytsia" (Sumy, 2016-2018)

    Festival of land art "Khortytsia" (Zaporizhia, 2016)

    "ex. plein air: Remote access. Chernihiv" (Chernihiv, 2017)

    Film and urbanism festival "86", land art program (Slavutych, 2017)

    Curatorial project Series Yakunin "Luft-pause" (Lviv, 2017)

    Land art festival "Web" (Odesa, 2017)

    International festival of arts of the countries of the Carpathian region "Carpathian space" (Ivano-Frankivsk, 2018)

    Land art symposium "Land of Power". within the framework of the "Territory of Inspiration" project (State historical and cultural reserve "Tustan", Urych village, 2018)

    Land Art Festival "Nature and Art" (Botanical Garden of Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2019)
    Khortytsia Land Art Festival (online, 2020)

    Project "Lendart and archaeology: new synergy across borders" (Akmyanje, Lithuania, 2022)

    Personal exhibitions:

    Vinnytsia Regional Museum of Local Lore, 2016.

    Khmelnytskyi Regional Art Museum, 2017

    AkademART Gallery, Sumy, 2018.

    Ivan Franko National Literary and Memorial Museum of Lviv, 2018

    Vinnytsia Regional Museum of Local Lore, 2019.

    Gallery "ARTbasement" of the Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, 2019.

    Vilnius University Botanical Garden, Lithuania, 2019